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Our Vision

The Hong Kong Junior Tigers was founded in 2015 and provides a range of programs to develop youth hockey players of all levels. The not-for-profit club prides itself on its transparent fees, a high coach-to-player ratio and providing players with a fun and competitive environment to train and play. The Tigers’ motto is “more hockey, more fun”. More than 450 players aged 4-18 are part of the Junior Tigers. There are no restrictions on participants country of origin, all are welcome to enjoy the various programs!

The Junior Tigers is proud of its successes, including:

  • A player who had never skated before has developed confidence on the ice and now participates in league play
  • A player has shown remarkable talent and is planning to further develop skills at a specialist hockey school in Canada
  • A young player has found a mentor in one of his Junior Tiger coaches
  • The community is growing through regional cross-border play in the Greater Bay Hockey League

The Junior Tigers is part of the CHG umbrella, which also includes the CIHL as well as the South China Ice Hockey League (SCIHL).


Facilities & Services

General Enquiry : [email protected] : 2234 0187 (Mon - Fri, 10 am - 9 pm/ Weekend, 10 am - 10pm)


Store your belongings securely and conveniently in our electronic lockers for worry-free moments on ice.



Our friendly handrails making skating fun and un-intimidating even to the smallest skaters!


Ice Hockey

Store your ice hockey gear securely in our well-ventilated, secure and clean locker rooms.



100% zero emission electric Zamboni ice resurfacer and ice edging machine to guarantee safety, optimum energy efficiency, and the highest level of maintenance.

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